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From Cornwall to Wales, Scotland to Ireland. From Germany to Holland. Whether you are in Guyana, Pakistan, Cyprus or Egypt and South Africa, one thing I have found is that people are the same, cultures and individual perception may differ but essentially people are the same.

The Significance of Faith in Action – The message of Reconciliation.

‘The biblical doctrine of reconciliation has many practical implications’. So Philip Graham Ryeken explains within his commentary on ‘The Message of Salvation’ in the series: The Bible Speaks Today, published by Inter Varsity Press, page 126. He states that:

‘It means that we can count on being God’s friends for ever. It means that we are at peace with God through Jesus Christ, a peace that will hold firm through all the turbulance of life. It means that we can draw near to God in a relationship of loving trust.

We have gained what the bible calls ‘access’ to God, especially through prayer.

Philip Graham Ryeken