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Global Missions and personal or corporate ‘Ministry’ often find themselves working hand in hand in the most basic of circumstances.

Since ‘Ministry is about you the individual giving of your time, effort and experience in order that ‘others’, the people or communities you are with, whether at home or abroad, can be enabled to grow and then do likewise.

Ministry is not found behind a pulpit, or self identification with our own abilities; but it is to be found within the raw attitude of self giving to others beyond our own capability in the power and enablement of the Holy Spirit, through faith in Christ Jesus. It is not about our voice, our individual gifting or even our persona, but our selfless love for the individual and , mankind.

As a good friend of mine often states – ‘If your ministry has become your identity then re-examine what you are doing’ it’s all about Jesus being your identity,

Our effectiveness as a ‘Ministers in Christ Jesus’ is as good, in as far those you have helped to become closer to Jesus Christ.

Ministry, any ministry has to be about Christ Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit alone, for it is the living word of Jesus Christ which will achieve that whereunto it is sent. It is the shed blood of Christ Jesus that saves and redeems. Much to the surprise of many, our preaching on a local or global stage should perhaps be the smallest part of our identity in Christ Jesus, whilst our actions should speak louder than any words. As one individual once explained to me across the dinner table when asked what he / she did within the ministry…. ‘Oh! I’m an evangelist, but I don’t pray,!

The Life of the Body

Global Ministry, any form of ministry individual or corporate, church leadership or evangelical outreach must start, on the knee’s, in prayer, for it is there that a burden and love is given for mankind. It (whatever ministry) then moves into action, somewhere! – and returns to the knee’s when completed to give thanks for what Jesus has accomplished through his servant, his friend. Its all about Jesus!

Looking back at my previous visit to Guyana I was reminded of a statement made in a great little paper back on the ‘Resurrection’ where the author P. B. Murray in his commentary called The Message of The Resurrection, published in (2000) by Inter Varsity Press, Leicester, England, pp. 116-7, reminds us of the story of Peter in found within John’s Gospel chapter 18:15-18, and John’s Gospel chapter 21:1-25 where relating the story of Peter after the Crucifixion of Jesus he (the writer) explains that ‘there is always a new beginning. No matter what we have done….’ The writer tells us:

That morning Peter was made to face up to his past in a number of ways. There was, for instance, the charcoal fire, which Jesus may have built to remind Peter of what happened when he had warmed himself by a similar charcoal fire a week or so previously (18:18). There was the threefold questioning of Peter designed to help him recall his threefold denial of Jesus. There was the formal use of his old name, Simon son of John. which in turn challenged his friendship all this was exceedingly painful (v.17). But as they say ‘no pain. no gain’ The painful business of facing up to his past failure was essential if Peter were to make a new beginning. As David Runcorn helpfully puts it:

Until there is a remembering there can be no forgiveness. To re-member means to put back together something that has been broken and disconnected. To truly remember we turn back to past actions and relationships and realise our own place within what happened – only then can reconciliation be offered and received.

David Runcorn

D. Runcorn, (1996), Rumours of Life: Reflections on the Resurrection Appearances, Darton, Longman & Todd, p115