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Great Commission United (GCU)

This Holy Spirit led project started some five years ago, when a group of personal circumstances began to change the Lord’s Ministry through me, all came together and I found myself meeting Apostle Bill Hodge at Heathrow airport on behalf of Elohim Ministries in the UK. He had travelled over to the UK for a conference and was due to meet with another friend later in the month.

It’s often interesting, as I look back to see for myself, how over time, two completely different Christian ministers could develop a shared vision.

The vision and experience of GCU (Great Commission United) had already existed at the time of writing for some seventeen years, in slightly different forms, and has developed into what it is today,

Out of that shared vision and the beginnings of the development of a website. Many individual Christian Ministries now come together to make GCU into the potent force for Christian Evangelism and Street Ministry that it now is today, the vision outworks itself into so many varied forms depending on the individual ministry which takes part within GCU.

Whether, you are teaching chaplaincy classes, helping the development of individual ministries, even preaching and testifying of the Love of Christ Jesus for the world today, whatever the form the individual ministry takes, its all about service.

Clearly, The Holy Spirit is working today

As a direct result of that meeting and our continued fellowship together. I have had the privilege to meet so many special individuals and varied forms of ministries to the faith of Jesus Christ. In fact, throughout these last few years I have personally noted that in all things, the Holy Spirit has been working to develop individuals to move out in faith, developing their individual visions, inline with the scriptures.

Jesus Christ, is the same, yesterday, today and forever… From the Eagles Nest groups in Detroit, to Victory Biker Church International, Christ The Rock, and Apostle Daryl Davies, to Pastor Lisa and Commentator Ron Edwards. Then there are The Spiritual Encounters led by Denise and the special Ministry which takes place with individuals led by Debbie and Terry, the various Prison Ministries, Pilots for Christ, and the care home ministries and individual prophetic ministries, not forgetting the outreach in to Oshkosh as many chaplains came to serve those who were attending the air show though the auspices of MASA, the list is endless. However, its all about service.

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