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About five years ago I first met Peter Cunningham as a result of arranging for him to interview my friend William Hodge, the CEO of Great Commission United. An advanced practical training program for individual who want to become more involved within Street and other areas of Practical Ministry telling individual about Jesus Christ.

As a direct result of this meeting, I was asked by Peter if I would consider presenting a monthly program called ‘A Life in Christ Jesus’. Later this was to grown and become in 2021 part of a weekly broadcast schedule. What an amazing experience it is to reach out to so many, from the living room of the place you live.

I have found that Peter Cunningham – is a talented individual who simply loves Jesus, and through the medium of Internet Radio, with a selected set of committed presenters has reached out into the thousands explaining the ‘Jesus Simply Loves them. Truly the Holy Spirit is his guide.

Each program ends with the Radio Stations basic message – “One Gift, One Opportunity, Working together in ‘Unity’, One People, One Voice, Coming together to ‘Rejoice’, One Message, One Church, Speaking truths from ‘Research’, One Radio, One Nation, Broadcasting to the ‘Nation’, This is Lancashire’s Lighthouse Radio”.

Truly, an internet Radio Station which enables the Believer in Christ Jesus

So far this year (2021) – some thirty two individual programs have already been written and recorded.

The written articles [for reading purposes] can be found here as they become available in pdf format….

  • LLR Radio Wk012021 – Introduction
  • LLR Radio WK022021
  • LLR Radio WK032021
  • LLR Radio WK042021
  • LLR Radio WK052021 – Salt of the Earth
  • LLR Radio WK062021 – Review
  • LLR Radio WK072021 – Maturity
  • LLR Radio WK082021 – Romania
  • LLR Radio WK092021 – Overview
  • LLR Radio WK102021 – Salvation
  • LLR Radio WK112021 – Relationship
  • LLR Radio WK122021 – Living Witness
  • LLR Radio WK132021 – The Shoe
  • LLR Radio WK142021 – Salt Covenant
  • LLR Radio WK152021 – Light of the World
  • LLR Radio WK162021 – We have Eternal Life
  • LLR Radio WK172021 – Called to do the Work
  • LLR Radio WK182021 – Clean through the spoken Word
  • LLR Radio WK192021 – Branches Bearing Fruit
  • LLR Radio WK202021 – The Friend of Christ Jesus
  • LLR Radio WK212021 – Chosen and Ordained
  • LLR Radio WK222021 – review of past messages
  • LLR Radio WK232021 – Justified by Grace through Redemption
  • LLR Radio WK242021 – Justified by faith
  • LLR Radio WK252021 – We are given Peace – WK24 Part Two
  • LLR Radio WK262021 – Buried by Baptism
  • LLR Radio WK272021 – Planted together in the likeness of his Death
  • LLR Radio WK282021 – Dead to Sin
  • LLR Radio WK292021 – Alive to God – WK28 Part Two
  • LLR Radio WK302021 – Servants of Righteousness
  • LLR Radio WK312021 – Servants of God
  • LLR Radio WK322021 – We Will Be Given New Life – WK31 Part Two

The radio broadcasts can be found here…

Please note: that the articles and recordings are copyright! and also contain copyrighted material!!