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This journey started with a phone call from a friend, the question was simply….

How do you fancy a drive to Budapest?

Well, it turned out that my friend had arranged to take a caravan to a site some fourteen clicks from Budapest in Hungary, and needed a co driver to help with the journey.

This was the beginning of a journey over three days which encompassed Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and Austria. We soon found that it was to be an eventful journey sleeping in the caravan at a road truck stop and café in Austria, sleeping bags an all, it was a bit snowy, before travelling on to arrive late (very) evening outside a hospital in Budapest

We handed the caravan keys to a local minister through the railings of the local hospital. The Minister, who left his hospital bed had come to the railings outside the hospital to receive them. The Next day was a day of ministry within the local villages as we travelled with our our friend and a guide to the farm outside Budapest, where we pitched the caravan on site…

The return journey through Holland allowed for visitation as my friend dropped in on some ministerial colleagues.

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now you are clean through the words I have spoken unto you.

Christ Jesus of Nazareth – John 15:3

The message of the Blood Line found within the Christian Bible is one of great importance to the Believer in Christ Jesus