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I First met Kampta Karan in 2003 at the University of Birmingham, England.

Kampta, who was a ‘fellow student’, was living at the Lutheran Campus in Selly Oak. Birmingham, England and studying for his Doctorate in Conflict and Racial Resolution.

My Friend was an avid writer, especially within the field of poetry and was attending writers meetings in Sparkbrook, Birmingham at the Assemblies of the First Born Church on Alfred Street.

I met Kampta, just as he was about to undertake an exchange visit to Frankfurt in Germany, where he was involved in a road traffic incident and suffered a broken leg. This resulted in the privilege of looking after him

In 2007 I eventually travelled to the West Bank of The Demerara River, Guyana, several miles from capital of Georgetown. It was during this time that I finally heard of his vision for Jesus and met with his wife “Dolly” who ran a market stall in Georgetown and his daughter “Kavita”. Kampta, was a very humble man who always believed that Jesus was the answer to life’s many problems; and for the first time since I had originally come into contact with him I began to understand his passion for Jesus.

Clearly, Kampta had a profound love for the Christian bible and also for his church the Lutheran Evangelical Church of Guyana.

I was introduced to his Pastor and many of his friends and colleagues both in the church and without. I visited, Ascension, Marconi, the Squat, Sandbanks and King of Glory as well as many other of the Lutheran fellowships, I was shown well maintained buildings and in contrast others in a state of disrepair all of this alongside communities who needed the love of Christ Jesus…

Everywhere I went, I heard of Kampta’s vision for an evangelical outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the need to rebuild ‘The Church’ both physically and Spiritually especially – his local Church ‘King of Glory’ which he loved…

These Photographs are dedicated to him, his life and his work, as he sought to be a catalyst within his community and the communities of faith in which he worked.

Kampta Karan who was a noted individual and ordained Minister died shortly after his life’s wish was achieved.

A lecturer in the School of Education, The University of Birmingham, England, A Chevenning Scholar, a board member of Sampad, a budding poet and chairperson of Writers Without Borders.