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Well a Honours Degree followed closely be a Masters and visits to Universities in Amsterdam and Heidelberg started this journey! It was not just a journey of learning, but it became a journey of personal discovery and self examination.

These events eventually led to invitations to personally minister in so many different ways with visits to Hungary, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, France and Spain, lots of mountain passes, some car wrecks, caravans and more, but I have found that the Holy Spirit always enables his people to achieve what ‘The Father’ has called them to do…!

For I personally maintain that it is only when you begin to find yourself in Christ Jesus…. That you really begin to find out who you are in truth.

Academic study really avails for nothing, it simply opens a door for the individual to walk through within areas of their chosen subject matter. Yes! the pride of achievement, comes and lasts for a while, but is soon forgotten. Truth is to be found within the inward parts… I have found that all achievement is pointless unless that achievement is cantered around a clear direction and movement of vision.

During these passing years as I have been privileged to travel the world, I have seen so much hurt, despair and simple immorality. It is so easy in this world of technology and personal publishing to create a world which enables the destruction of another individual. As a direct result of these observations, ‘Life in Christ Jesus’ came to the fore, and Theo-Ministries was born out of a desire to turn an academic environment into a positive outcome

From the Northern hemisphere to the Southern, from East to West, from town to town or city to city.

It does not really matter where you go!

“You can never escape yourself”!

People are the same, nations are the same, it is only individuals who dictate the outcome of their actions!

These web pages and the ministry of Theo-Ministries are in some small way, my personal attempt to turn what is termed as ‘Academic’ into a personal reality. I have found through my individual studies that the individual believer in Christ Jesus has to create and give space to the ‘Christian Other’, they may essentially be different to the perspective of the individual believer, but the act of professing Christ Jesus as a personal saviour and then outwardly living for ‘HIm Alone’ makes that individual a brother or sister in Christ Jesus. I have found academically that it is within this understanding that I as a believer in Christ Jesus can begin to understand and actively move towards helping to build the body of Christ Jesus, the Church, in some small way!

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