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The Guyana Project
Kampta had a profound love for the Christian bible and also for his church the…
The Academic Project
For I personally maintain that it is only when you begin to find yourself in…
The LLR Radio Project
Peace is one of the main key points of the Bible. Only then people will…
The Romanian Project
Romania – a journey of experience, investigation and amazing spiritual understanding.
The Hungarian Project
Within Ministry a telephone call can result in a major journey if you let it.
The GCU Project
Whatever the form the individual ministry takes, its all about service.
The Isle of Lewis Project
The Gospels bring us to the central place of sacred words in the Scriptures: “Love…
The Oshkosh Project
So we went, we looked upon and were amazed…
The Israel Project
This Journey was both a blessing and a steep learning curve for all who attended.

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