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Proposed build – Montague, Michigan – 2020

Dear GCU Chaplains and fellow Saints,

As many of you know, Apostle Hodge has been without a true place to lay his head for well over 16 years. He has served faithfully for over 21 years in the ministry touching thousands of lives with an incredibly special anointing. We believe it is the LORDS will that we pursue the following project to provide a place for him to come home to as he travels world building the army of the LORD.

GCU has been given an awesome opportunity to build not only a home for Apostle Hodge but a special place for traveling ministers that need a place to staywhile they are in the area. It will also be a place for weary ministers to get a way to rest and recuperate. Our ministry will oversee the home and the special additional cabin for all visitors with the utmost attention to detail.

A lovelywooded 2.5 acres parcel has been presented to the ministry at a greatly reduced price next to Christ the Rock World Harvest Church in Montague, Michigan. Many of our Chaplains have already volunteered to assist with the building of the home to be nestled quietly in the woods 2 blocks from Lake Michigan.  The home would include total 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. 2 lower level walk out, 2 upper level, (upper loft for the apostles quarters). An adjoining cottage separate from the home would also be built to house ministers that come to teach and preach in the area.

The home would also be used to train new chaplains that would be coming to Michigan from around the world. We would be able to house up to 10 – 12 candidates who would stay on the property for training and recertification. This is at no cost to them other then the cost of the class and food.

The total cost of the project is broken down below:

Property cost: $15,000 (Value $28k to 30k)

Excavation, basement, well and septic, permits, approx. cost: $15,000 – $17,000

House package (#29550-Minnetonka Cabin pkg. Menards) which includes all unfinished and finished plumbing, wiring, interior, exterior, roofing, all lighting fixtures, kitchen sink, bathroom tubs/showers, toilets, vanities etc. $73,000 to $75,000 (price fluctuates do to season and availability of items)

(Rebate of $8100 – $8300 given back from Menards to purchase the extra cabin for traveling ministers)

Labor cost approx.: $53,000

Total cost of project: $156,000 – $165,000

See attached pictures and specs of home

What would be available at the home?

Chaplain Candidates would register for a weekend class to be taught on the premises. Candidates would arrive on Friday, attend class all day Saturday, and then leave either Sunday or Monday. Candidates stay at no cost other than a small cost for food and their class fee. Transportation from the airport will be provided.

A separate cabin will be built on the property to house those ministers that are on a short sabbatical or in the area to minister to the body of Christ at local congregations or venues at no cost to the minister. Again, Chaplain Candidates would be able to stay at the house for the whole weekend so as to be able to rest and have fellowship with others. After service on Sunday, a local tour of the west side of Michigan will be offered to those wishing to see a bit more of the land here in Pure Michigan!

Training weekends will be once a month starting in May till October. The training will always be the last weekend of the month.

Special weekend classes will be offered throughout the year as needed.

If you would like to be a part of this project to include making a financial pledge or donating time or materials such as: Cabinetry, appliances, furniture, etc. Or assist in the building of the Center we know you would be greatly rewarded for your efforts no matter how big or small!

A pledge would consist of any amount to be given anytime between November 4, 2020 and May15th2021.

The house and property would belong to Great Commission United with a lifelong lease given to Apostle William Hodge so that he would no longer have to be concerned as to where he will lay his head at night.

If you feel led to be a part of this great blessing, please contact our Administrator, Senior Chaplain Diane Peters for a pledge form.

All gifts are tax deductible!

Example of pledge:

160 Chaplains or friends give a pledge of $1000.00 = project paid in full (given in monthly increments or in full by May of 2021). Chaplains can team up for a pledge as well and can give any amount. This would be a lot of fun and would give an opportunity for more to be blessed. Church bodies can make a pledge on behalf of their congregation.

A “Gofundme” account has been established as well as a cash app which can be found on the front page of


If you would like to send a check so that ALL of YOUR OFFERING is useable by the fund,

Please make the check out to: Great Commission United and send to:   3301 Green Street, Shelby, MI  49455.   Please put “BUILDING HOUSE PROJECT” in the note area of your check.

We will send you a pledge form at your request as well as a tax receipt for anything given towards this project.

For those who pledge $3500.00 or more will be able to book a weekend for their family at the house anytime this next year providing no class.

So far as of 11-11-2020 over $56,000 has been pledged and loaned

We will be having a free conference call to discuss the project and welcome all of you to join us for the call as we discuss and pray over this project.

Thank you for your love and prayers over this matter.

GCU Executive Council, staff and friends

Oversight committee

Brandon Leathers, Steve and Marilyn Arnold, Terry and Debbie Montambo, Gary and Debbie Kozicki, Brian McKay, Ben Culbertson, Denise Corcoran, Ron and Denise Edwards, Jonathon and Melissa Kozicki, John and Diane Peters

NEW GCU Conference Call Number:  339-207-8754  (NO ADDITIONAL # NEEDED!)